Killruddery returns

The Killruddery Film Festival has announced its 2010 programme. This excellent venture, now in its fourth year, is held in the delightful location of Killruddery House in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, close by Bray and a short journey from Dublin. To date the festival has been dedicated to silent films, but for this year they have introduced some sound films to what looks a well-rounded and effective programme. The theme of the festival, which runs 11-14 March, is Celebrating Lost, Overlooked & Forgotten Cinema. One might argue that not all of the titles on show fall into those categories, but every film screening is new to someone in the audience, so there are discoveries come what may. Here’s the line-up:

Thursday 11th March

Down Wicklow Way @ 6.15pm
Programme from the IFI Irish Film Archive, presented by Sunniva O’Flynn. With live musical accompaniment by Josh Johnston

A Cottage on Dartmoor (UK 1929 d. Anthony Asquith) @ 8.15pm
Introduced by Kevin Brownlow. With live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne

Friday 12th March

Los Angeles Plays Itself (US 2003 d. Thom Anderssen) @ 2pm
With live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne

Back Down Wicklow Way @ 6pm
More archive films presented by Sunniva O’Flynn

The New World (US 2005 d. Terence Malick) @ 7pm

Lucky Star (US 1929 d. Frank Borzage) @ 8pm

The Parallax View (US 1974 d. Alan Pakula) @ 10pm

Saturday 13th March

A Future Past @ 12am
Programme of science-fiction films presented Andrew Legge, including High Treason (UK 1929 d. Maurice Elvey)

Children’s Shorts Programme @ 12.30am

Poil de Carrotte (France 1925 d. Julien Duvivier) @ 2pm

Sita Sings the Blues (US 1008 d. Nina Paley) @ 2.15pm

Talk: On the developing art of the video essay @ 4pm
Given by video artist Matt Zoller Seitz

City Girl (US 1930 d. F.W. Murnau) @ 4.15pm
Introduced by Kevin Brownlow

Chang (US 1927 d. Merian C. Copper /Ernest Schoedsack) @ 6pm
With live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne. Introduced by Kevin Brownlow

Seven Days to Noon (UK 1950 d. John and Roy Boulting) @ 6.15pm
Presented by John Boorman

I Know Where I’m Going (UK 1945 d. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger) @ 8.30pm

Sunday 14th March

Talk: Unknown Chaplin @ 12pm
Illustrated lecture given by Kevin Brownlow

Britannica & other stories @ 1pm
Programme of artists’ films, including the work of John Latham

Ingeborg Holm (Sweden 1917 d. Victor Sjostrom) @ 2.15pm
Introduced by Charles Barr, with live music accompaniment by Stephen Horne

Budawanny (Ireland 1987 d. Bob Quinn) @ 4pm
Modern silent film about a young priest (played by Donal McCann) who becomes romantically entangled with his housekeeper

Red Dust (US 1932 d. Victor Fleming) @ 4.15pm
Introduced by Kevin Brownlow

The Patsy (US 1928 d. King Vidor) @ 6pm
Introduced by Kevin Brownlow, with live musical accompaniment by
Josh Johnston

Goddess/Devi (India 1960 d. Satyajit Ray) @ 6.15pm
Presented by Rebecca Miller

The Wind (US 1928 d. Victor Sjostrom) @ 8pm
With live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne

Now that’s what I call an eclectic programme. Tickets are now on sale (you pay for individual screenings), and full details can be found on the festival site. Hope it does well.