Happy 3rd birthday, Bioscope

Though it seems only yesterday that we first put fingertips to keyboard, the Bioscope is three years old today. In that time it has:

  • Published 940 posts in 84 categories
  • Thwarted 41,874 spam comments
  • Attracted 395,930 visits
  • Generated 1,537 comments
  • Produced approximately 400,000 words (!)
  • Busiest day – 10 March 2008 with 979 visits
  • Busiest month – January 2010, with 18,089 visits
  • Most popular post – Searching for Albert Kahn – 12,364 visits and still rising
  • Most popular search terms – bioscope, albert kahn, kinetoscope, louise brooks, emile cohl, loie fuller

Thank you to everyone who reads the Bioscope. It seems to be of use to some. We’ll keep going.

Bioscopist and Cineteca Bologna researcher Mariann Lewinsky was sufficiently moved by news of the Bioscope’s birthday that she promised a cake. In the end, the cake transmogrified into a plant and a packet of biscuits. Many thanks – here they are: