Moving Image

I have started up a new blog. While the Bioscope is a personal project, dedicated to early and silent cinema, the new blog – plainly but helpfully entitled Moving Image – is a product of my day job at the British Library. I’m employed there as Curator, Moving Image, and the aim of the blog is to write about moving images and the British Library. So that’s more than just the Library’s moving image collection, which is relatively small and specialised. Rather it will aim to cover general developments in the moving image field as they impact upon the Library and research, as well as talking about the British Library as a place for the study of moving images and the study of subjects through moving images.

The blog replaces an earlier initiative, Screen Research, which I’ve closed down. Moving Image will certainly touch on silent films from time to time, but it will also cover film today and yesterday, television, web video, mobile video, and all points in between. It may even feature me wielding a video camera from time to time. I hope that some of you may be able to follow it.

(That’s me top right, by the way – the silhouette figure with a cigar who appears beside my comments is film pioneer Charles Urban, whose film company trademark was Urbanora – hence the pen-name)

Update: I’ve also established a Twitter account to complement the Moving Image blog,