Bioscope is a brand name for microscopes produced by the Bioscope Manufacturing Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The firm in particular produced microscopes for use in the home, either as individual items (the popular Model “20” and Model “60” makes) or as part of children’s science sets. The firm is no longer in operation. The term ‘bioscope’ is used for other current microscope makes, such as the BioScope ATF (Atomic Force Microscope) for nano-bio research, and the Bioscope CD-ROM software simulation of a microscope.

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  1. I came across a bioscope model 20 and can’t figure out how to use it. It appears to be upside down from other microscopes. Is there any literature on it or a website? Thanks for your help!

  2. I just recieved an old “Bioscope”. I believe it is the model 20. Does anyone know where I might find a users manual ?

  3. I have not seen a reply to the previous responses regarding Bioscope Microscopes. I, too, am interested in finding information and instructions on the Master Model “20” made by the Bioscope MFG. Co. from Tulsa, OK.

  4. The bioscope was invented by my grandfather, Dewey Hodges. Despite its description as listed here, it was intended for educational application in the lab, enabling the teacher to project the image of a microscopic slide onto a larger surface, i.e., a wall, blackboard or film screen for classroom viewing, similar to an opaque projector.

  5. Valerie:
    That’s wonderful news about your grandfather, Dewey Hodges. I have one, bit it’s missing the short eyepiece and set screw for the eyepiece socket. …And, of course, the manual.JC

  6. I currently have my fathers old BIOSCOPE, Model PETROSCOPE, and was wandering if anyone knows where I can get another one or one like it from another manufacture. The use for this particular microscope is for identification of rocks, minerals and or crystals. It has a microspope attached to a closed metal box with a normal flourescent light and a black light. My Dad is a retired petroleum geologist and would use it to identify oil bearing minerals from drill sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks DC.

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