Cinematicity update

The programme for the ‘Cinematicity’ 1895: Before and After conference is now available. The British Comparative Literature Association and the Centre for Film Studies, University of Essex are organising a conference on 24-25 March 2007. The themes of the conference are the history of pre- and early film, the previsions of cinema as both technology and cultural form, and early cinema’s influence on twentieth-century art, literature and culture. The conference is to be held at the University of Essex, Colchester, and the keynote speakers are Ian Christie, Tom Gunning and Marina Warner.

Among the interesting-looking papers on offer are:

  • Joss Marsh (Indiana): “Dickensian ‘Dissolving Views’: The Magic Lantern, Visual Story Telling, and the Victorian Technological Imagination”
  • Kristian Moen (East Anglia): “‘Never Has One Seen Reality Enveloped in Such a Phantasmagoria’: Watching Spectacular Transformations, 1849-1889”
  • Miriam Hess (Princeton): “Modern Painting and Emergent Cinema: Binaries and Seams”
  • Nico Baumbach (Duke): “Nature Caught in the Act: Beyond Baby’s Meal”
  • Paul St. George (London Metropolitan): “Chronophotography and Contemporary Cultural Practice”
  • Deac Rossell (Goldsmith’s): “Pure Invention? Thomas Alva Edison and the Kinetoscope”
  • Joe Kember (Exeter): “Institutionalised Risk and Early Film”
  • Ian W. Macdonald (Leeds): “Style and the Silent Screenwriter: The Rediscovered Scripts of Eliot Stannard”
  • Andrew Shail (Oxford): “H.G. Wells, ‘Cinematicity’ and the First Sight of the Cinematograph”
  • Keith Williams (Dundee): “‘Cinematicity’ and Optical Speculation in Early H.G. Wells”

Update: There’s a report on the conference by Paul Elliott in the June 2007 edition of the Scope online journal of film studies.

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