Happy 3rd birthday, Bioscope

Though it seems only yesterday that we first put fingertips to keyboard, the Bioscope is three years old today. In that time it has:

  • Published 940 posts in 84 categories
  • Thwarted 41,874 spam comments
  • Attracted 395,930 visits
  • Generated 1,537 comments
  • Produced approximately 400,000 words (!)
  • Busiest day – 10 March 2008 with 979 visits
  • Busiest month – January 2010, with 18,089 visits
  • Most popular post – Searching for Albert Kahn – 12,364 visits and still rising
  • Most popular search terms – bioscope, albert kahn, kinetoscope, louise brooks, emile cohl, loie fuller

Thank you to everyone who reads the Bioscope. It seems to be of use to some. We’ll keep going.

Bioscopist and Cineteca Bologna researcher Mariann Lewinsky was sufficiently moved by news of the Bioscope’s birthday that she promised a cake. In the end, the cake transmogrified into a plant and a packet of biscuits. Many thanks – here they are:

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  1. Luke, your blog is one of my favorites and I learn way more than my peanut brain can retain! Keep posting and when my head explodes from all the knowledge, I’ll be sure to post a youtube video you can link to illustrate the power of your blog.

    All kidding aside, you do a fabulous job, keep it up and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats on reaching the big ‘3’ – it’s brilliant having such an entertaining and hugely informative resource on silent film, thanks so much for providing it.

  3. Congratulations on the birthday Mr Urbanora; it’s the one blog that’s essential reading to us fans of silent cinema. Erudition worn lightly…..terrific.
    Here’s to the next three….

  4. Congratulations, buon compleanno, bon anniversaire, feliz cumpleaños!!!
    to the The Bioscope and You! I follow you ever.

  5. Congrats to Bioscope!! Not one day goes by without me visiting the blog to see what’s new and to delve into the archives!! Here’s to many more years!!

  6. Happy third birthday to the Bioscope! And Luke, thanks for all your great work. Good luck with the next years, and with the new venture at the BL also. Look forward to following all your blogs – macro and micro!

  7. Thank you Catherine – and I hope all is well with Film Studies for Free. A bit worrying that notice from Google about maleware links – a lesson to all of us with lots of links on our sites to check from time to time that they are all above board.

  8. Luke, until a couple of years ago I had always loved old films, but I never quite broke through the line I’d drawn between early sound (which I like) and silent films which (like many people I suppose) I thought for some odd reason I “couldn’t” like.

    Since I’ve broken that sound barrier and found that I love silents, I’ve been watching and learning about them ravenously, almost compulsively, the way a person who’s just discovered a big new area of interest will do. I must have been reading The Bioscope since it was a year or so old, and I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve learned here from you (as well as at, for example, Nitrateville).

    I’m sure the odds are very much against my being the only one who reads you constantly and hasn’t commented or told you how much I appreciate all that you do — not just here on The Bioscope — to shed light on the subject of early films. I hope all of us anonymous readers appreciate you as much as I do.

    Happy Birthday, Bioscope!

    Cody K.

  9. Dear Cody,

    It’s good to hear from anyone who finds the Bioscope of some use. The idea is to demonstrate what a rich and interesting subject silent film is, and how much there is to investigate, particularly through the online resources now available. It’s long been a subject that enthuses me – I can’t really explain why – and it’s so good to have something like a blog to be able to pass that enthusiasm on, and to be helpful – hopefully – at the same time.

    Thanks for your kind comments


  10. Congratulations for your third anniversary. Hope you continue spreading the taste for silent films. From the other side of the world, Mexico, I try doing the same with my blog cine silente mexicano. It has been a great pleasure and very enlighting reading some of your posts.
    Mucha suerte. That means good luck in spanish.
    Luis Recillas Enecoiz

  11. Thank you. I do list your Cine silente mexicano on my list of links, and what I’ve seen of it looks mightily impressive. If only I knew Spanish (and Italian, and German, and French…)

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