Welcome to Screen Research



Apologies, first of all, for somehat erratic service from the Bioscope of late. I have been waylaid by the most terrible cold, and can barely think straight, let alone type straight.

But in my lucid moments I have been at work on a new resource. Screen Research is a social network and information resource for anyone interested in moving image research. Where the Bioscope is a personal project which is devoted to early and silent cinema, Screen Research is intended to cover everything from pre-cinema to Internet TV.

It’s only been active for a very short while, but there is a blog, calendar of events, a directory (work-in-progress), loads of newsfeeds, and options for members to start up special interest groups or general discussions. It’s open to anyone who wants to sign up, though you can just browse what’s there. Its focus is activity in the UK, but it should have something for anyone. And, although it ranges far beyond silents, Buster Keaton in Sherlock Junior is the network’s icon.

Please do take a look, and sign up if interested: http://screenresearch.ning.com

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