Screen Heritage

Screen Heritage is becoming a key phrase in the discussion about the preservation, dissemination and understanding of moving image history, particularly in the UK. The British Film Institute has announced a Strategy for UK Screen Heritage, with a strategy document published and an invitation for comments (deadline 7 September). This is focussed on the future maintenance and growth of public sector moving image archives. Secondly, a group of museums and archives, headed by the National Media Museum, has formed a Screen Heritage Network, with funding from the Museums Libraries and Archives Council, and an understanding of ‘screen heritage’ which extends beyond moving images to artefacts, documents etc. And MeCCSA (the Media, Cultural Studies and Communications Association) has announced a seminar on screen heritage, taking place on 22 September 2007 at Roehampton University, which aims to bring a focus to the many discussions on-going about the long-term future of the UK’s moving image and screen heritage. There’s a lot going on, and Bioscope readers may be interested to participate or to follow the arguments.

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