Hello, 200,000th visitor, whoever you may have been. OK, so that’s not a huge number by some standards, and the Bioscope stills lurks at no. 142,599 on the Technorati blog league table. And doubtless if we were to feature a few more pictures of comic cats, rather than concentrate quite so rigidly on the research aspects of early and silent cinema, then maybe we might be expanding the audience a little. But I’m rather pleased with the audience we have, and grateful to all who keep reading here.

Next stop, half a million. If I can just drum up a few more Chaplin-impersonating cats, and learn to loosen up the spelling a little…

3 responses

  1. I Can Has Cheezburger is my second favorite website (after The Bioscope, of course), so you may well imagine the cognitive dissonance engendered by your surprise Lolcat post. I tend to keep the two sites intellectually compartmentalized. As we say in Lolz, “mah attenshuns, you haz dem.”

    Congratulations on the 200,000 visitor!

  2. Ah, now I hadn’t considered that there might be a crossover audience between silents and Lolcats. Sometimes one can to be too intellectually compartmentalised. I did try and write the post in Lolz (is that the right word?) prose, but it was beyond me. Anyway, thank you for the congratulations. Bloggers can be a bit of a bore over their stats, but it is heartening to think that what you write actually gets read. How different to the fate of most my academic writings…

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