Silent music revival

Silent Music Revival is a series of live shows taking place in Richmond, Virginia, where bands of various hues play to silents that they haven’t seen before. It describes itself thus:

An organization that is interested in the juxtaposition of music and film. At an event a classic silent short film is played while accompanied by either live music or a DJ spinning records overtop of the film. Keep in mind that neither the band nor the DJ have seen the film. This combination always makes for an interesting view.

Today jazz group Glows in the Dark played to Buster Keaton’s The Electric House. Previous screenings have included Antlers playing to Starewicz’s The Mascot (1933), the ‘hip hop stylings’ of Swordplay playing to When the Clouds Roll By (1919), Beggar on Horseback (1925) and Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (1906), and Gamelan Raga Kusuma playing to Chaplin.

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