Women and British silent cinema

Woman and Silent British Cinema

Women and Silent British Cinema

Congratulations and welcome to the latest silent cinema blog on the block, WSBC – Women and British Silent Cinema. Not so much a blog, though, more a focal point for the growing research interest in women and silent cinema generally. It has information on conferences past and future, and links to external resources, including a promised WSBC Wiki site. Of most interest probably is the long list of British women involved in film in various ways from the silent era (just a handful so far with biographies attached), which covers relatively well known (in this narrow field) figures as Betty Balfour, Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), Elsa Lanchester, Caroline Lejeune, Blanche McIntosh, Joan Morgan, Alma Reville, Marie Stopes and Virginia Woolf, while also providing many names of which few as yet know anything. I look forward to finding out in due course just who were Mrs K. Beck, Elise Codd, Nellie Tom Gallon, Jean de Kirharski, Edith Nepean and Jane Tarlo.

Some you will have already met through the pages of the Bioscope: Jessica Borthwick, Gladys, Marchioness of Townshend, Jakidawdra Melford. More, I can promise, will follow.

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