London thrills me


Blackmail (1929), from

OK, back to normality, and a few short news items on silent matters which have built up over the past few days. To start with, under the title ‘London Thrills Me’, the London Film Festival is hosting two silent film screenings this week in Trafalgar Square. On 18 October you can see the silent version of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Blackmail (1929), accompanied by Ivor Montagu’s delightful comic short, Blue Bottles (1928), starring Elsa Lanchester. Neil Brand provides the live piano score. The following day John Sweeney is the pianist in Trafalgar Square for Capital Tales, a selection of 100 years of London on film. The silents being screened are London Street Scenes – Trafalgar Square (1910), Blackfriars Bridge (1896), Petticoat Lane (1903), Old London Street Scenes (1903), Trafalgar Square Riot: Pathé’s Animated Gazette (1913), Hoxton… Saturday, July 3rd, Britannia Theatre (1920) – extract, The Fugitive Futurist: A Q-riosity by “Q” (1924), Cosmopolitan London (1924) – extract, and Piccadilly (1929) – extract. Both screenings begin at 18.30.

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