21st Century Vertov

You may remember the report of a few months ago about video artist Perry Bard’s idea to recreate Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera with uploaded contributions from volunteers around the world.

Man with a Movie Camera, scene 10

Man with a Movie Camera, scene 10, 1928 and 2007 versions, from http://dziga.perrybard.net

The initial deadline for this was 15 September, with the planned new, participatory version of the film being screened on Big Screen Manchester. However, as the project site demonstrates, the uploading continues, with people offering their modern video equivalents of scenes from Vertov’s original (which can be seen on her site in its entirety or scene by scene). You can view each of the sequences, original and remake, though not the new version in its entirety. I haven’t found evidence that it been screened anywhere as yet (does anyone know?), but the site is an extraordinary and thought-provoking work just by itself. Do explore.