William Haggar – Fairground Film-maker

William Haggar


Tomorrow sees the publication of William Haggar: Fairground Film-maker (Accent Press), by Peter Yorke. Yorke is the great-grandson of William Haggar, fairground entertainment and pioneer of Welsh cinema, whose energetic dramas such as A Desperate Poaching Affray (1903) and The Life of Charles Peace (1905) were hugely popular in their time and are treasured by early film historians now. Yorke’s biography draws on oral reminiscences, unpublished family memoirs and contemporary press reports to tell the rags-to-riches story of a travelling theatrical who became one of Britain’s select band of pioneer film-makers. The Bioscope understands that the mispelling of Haggar’s name on the book cover being publicised on Amazon has been corrected since…

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