Time Out

The Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium will be held in Maine on 20-21 July, under the title Time Out: Images of Play and Leisure. The symposium will focus on moving images that offer a new historical, cultural, and critical understanding of play and leisure, focusing on images of play and leisure made by amateurs and for noncommercial purposes. The programme of events includes several subjects relevant to silent cinema and pre-cinema. Peter Morelli’s talk “A Night at the Moving Pictures – Before Cinema” looks at pre-cinema entertainments such as the magic lantern and the diorama; Martin Johnson looks at home movies of the 1920s-40s and the intriguing subject of people who turn their faces away from the camera; Ishumael Zinyengere looks at the work of Burton Holmes, pioneer producer of travelogues (he coined the term); Mark Neumann looks at early films of the Grand Canyon. An excellent programme which demonstrates the value of looking at amateur film from the silent film era quite as much as the commercial. More details from the festival web page.

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