Pordenone bound


The Bioscope is heading off to Pordenone to attend the Giornate del Cinema Muto. There will be our traditional detailed ‘diary’ of each day’s screenings after I get back, a week or so from now, but if you want to follow the progress of the festival as it happens, keep an eye on the Bioscope on Twitter from tomorrow. I will be tweeting throughout the festival (if I’ve managed to get the technology right), and I will do my best to conjure up such atmosphere as you can with 140 characters.

For the record, here’s the programe (web version), the daily schedule (1.6MB, PDF), and (jampacked with detailed riches) the full catalogue (8.5MB, PDF). The Bioscope’s reports on the Giornates of 2007-09 can be found on the Series page.

Muta Passione (Silent Passion)

Also for your delectation is this short documentary, Muta Passione (Silent Passion), made by Pasqualino Suppa in 2007. It’s a series of warm interviews with the founders, director, collaborators and guests of the Giornate, in the year where the festival moved from its temporary home in Sacile back to Pordenone. Most of it is in Italian, which is fine for our Italian readers (you know who you are), and features such festival luminaries as Paolo Cherchi Usai, Livio Jacob, Carlo Montanaro and Piera Patat. But you do also get ebullient festival director David Robinson and musicians Neil Brand, Günter A. Buchwald and Phil Carli in English, plus Donald Sosin and Joanne Seaton singing on stage and impromptu for the camera. It’s good to be going back.

See you in a week or so’s time.