Happy birthday, Bioscope!

A cake for the Bioscope

Yes folks, it was one year ago to the day that the Bioscope first opened its eyes, put its fingers to the keyboard, and produced these words:

Welcome to The Bioscope, the place for news, information, documentation and opinion on the world of early and silent cinema.

And here we are, some 500 posts, 10,350 deleted spam messages, 61,200 visitors and somewhere over 100,000 words later, still dedicated to the cause. And for my amusement, if no one else’s, these are the top twenty posts by number of visits over the past year (excluding visits to sections such as About and Library):

1. Searching for Albert Kahn
2. Paul Merton on tour
3. The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn
4. The Twenties in Colour
5. The Invention of Hugo Cabret
6. Slapstick, European-style – part 1
7. 100 years of the Autochrome
8. Crazy Cinématographe – Travelling Cinema
9. The silent films of Alfred Hitchcock
10. Paul Merton’s Silent Comedy
11. A Tour of the Cinema Museum with Ronald Grant
12. The Great War in Colour
13. Edwardian hoodies
14. Paul Merton’s Silent Clowns
15. The Silent Worker
16. The Bioscope Festival of Lost Films
17. Lost and Found no. 2 – Dawson City
18. Times past
19. Visiting the Volta
20. Picasso, Braque and Early Film in Cubism

So thank you to Messrs. Kahn and Merton for having attracted so much custom, and thank you dear readers for all your comments and collaboration. Let’s hope for new adventures and passions in year two.

7 responses

  1. Oh my god, happy birthday! The Bioscope doesn’t look a day over 8 months old. What is your secret?

  2. Thank you everyone. I think I shall desist from marking all these milestones – though I may raise a glass when we hit 100,000 visits. Back to business. Onwards and upwards.

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