It’s only nine months away…


Sparrows, from

Let’s not wish away all the joys that 2008 in sure to bring, but the first news on the Pordenone Silent Film Festival (4-11 October) is out.

Among the main festival features will be

  • Aleksandr Shiryaev (Russian ballet dancer and producer of puppet dance films)
  • French comedy of the post-war silent era
  • Hollywood on the Hudson
  • Viktor Tourjansky
  • The Griffith Project, 12 (1925-1931)
  • The Corrick Collection, 2 (Australian collection of early actualities)

And the opening music event is to be a gala screening of the Mary Pickford classic Sparrows (1926), with score by Jeffrey Silverman, performed live for the first time by the Orchestra Sinfonica del Friuli Venezia Giulia, conducted by Hugh Munro Neely.

OK, October is a little time away, but a little closer is the 25 May deadline for applications to sign up to this year’s Collegium at Pordenone. This is a week-lomng programme of study into film history and film archiving with special sessions from notable expert visitors to the festivals. There are twelve places available, and applicants should preferably be under thirty years of age and pursuing education in cinema in some form. Collegians are given free hotel accommodation and breakfast during the week, but are responsible for their own travel arrangements, meals, and all other expenses. More information, including how to apply, from the festival site.