Albert Kahn in print

Albert Kahn book

Fans of the BBC series The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn will be delighted to learn that the BBC is publishing a book featuring the glorious Autochrome colour photographs from the series. The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn: Colour Photographs from a Lost Age will be published on 3 April 2008.

Other books on Autochromes already available are John Wood, The Art of the Autochrome and Victor Gray’s The Colours of Another Age: The Rothschild Autochromes, 1908-1912, subject of the recent National Media Museum exhibition.

For background information on Autochromes and the Albert Kahn collection, see the Searching for Albert Kahn post.

Update (January 2008): Intriguingly, the cover of the book as publicised on Amazon has now changed. Here’s the new look:

Wonderful World of Albert Kahn

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