It’s that man again

There’s an ever so slightly patronising interview with Neil Brand, silent film pianist, from the BBC Today programme, which was broadcast on Thursday 25 October, which can be found on the Today programme site – go to the section 08.00-08.30, and the bit with Neil is at 08.20. You do hear plenty of Neil’s playing while he is being interviewed, which makes for an intriguing news piece. The film he talks about most is The Life Story of David Lloyd George (cue sniggers from the Today interviewer), which is featuring at the Fflics festival in Aberystwyth tomorrow night, with Neil playing.

2 responses

  1. Sadly this has now (15 Nov) disappeared from the BBC website, and only the previous and succeeding items from the programme are available. So, no chance to hear Neil being patronised again: what a shame!

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