Remaking The Lodger

It just been announced that a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1927 classic silent The Lodger is planned. Alas, it’s not been remade as a silent, nor is it being set in a fog-bound London. This time round, director David Ondaatje is setting the film in modern-day Los Angeles, and making The Avenger (originally played by Ivor Novello) a copycat killer (originally Jack the Ripper, maybe). Oh well.

More information from The Guardian.

All you need to know about the cinematograph

Pathe Cinematograph

The latest publication on the shelves of The Bioscope Library is Bernard C. Jones, The Cinematograph Book, published in 1915.

This is one of the classic guides to the practicalities of motion pictures in the silent era. It aimed at clarity with usefulness, and achieved it. The chapters cover the history of the ‘invention’ of motion pictures, the operation of a camera and projection equipment, developing and printing films, cinema screens, what to do in case of fire, cleaning and preparing films, producing trick films, and making films for the home. It also has a special section on natural colour cinematograph pictures, focussing on Kinemacolor. Finally there is a guide to the relevant acts and regulations (as they related to the UK). It’s all you needed to know. Once again, it comes from the Internet Archive.