The programme has been announced for Slapsticon, the annual festival of silent and early sound film comedy, to be held at Arlington, Virginia, July 19-22.

Comedians featured include Laurel and Hardy (Way Out West), Harry Langdon (Luck of the Foolish), Harold Lloyd (A Jazzed Honeymoon), Larry Semon (Spuds), Mabel Normand (Hello Mabel), Leon Errol, Ford Sterling, Fatty Arbuckle, Billy Bevan, Monty Banks, Max Davidson, Charley Chase, Lupino Lane, Ben Turpin, Wallace Beery, and many more (Poodles Hanneford, anyone?). Pick of the bunch, on title alone, must be Mr and Mrs Sidney Drew in A Case of Eugenics (1915)… Britain’s own Pimple and Will Hay (Oh Mr Porter) also put in an appearance.

There’s travel, accommodation and registration information on the site.

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