Il Cinema Ritrovato

Il Cinema Ritrovato is held every June/July at the Cinemateca Bologna, Italy, and is one of the world’s major festivals of film restoration. It always has a major silent film component. Details of this year’s festival, which takes place Saturday 30 June-Saturday 7 July, have just been published. Those to be featured include Charlie Chaplin (subject of a major Bologna retrospective and exhibition); Asta Nielsen; films from 1907; the American silents and early sound films of Michael Curtiz; and some major silent restorations from Lubitsch (Als Ich Tot War, 1916), Von Stroheim (Austria’s restoration of Blind Husbands, 1919), De Mille (Dynamite, 1929), Stiller (Madame de Thèbes, 1915); and from Germany, Schatten der Weltstadt (Willi Wolff, 1925); a Polish find, A Strong Man (Henryk Szaro, 1929); and what the festival is calling its most amazing discovery of all, a Swedish film called The Spring of Life (Paul Garbagni, 1912), with Sjöström, Stiller, and af Klercker as actors. From Italy they will have L’Odissea (Bertolini-Padovan, 1911), Maciste imperatore (Guido Brignone, 1924), and the beginning of the Ghione Project.

The festival will also cover CinemaScope, melodrama of the 1940s/50s, Raffaello Matarazzo, and Sacha Guitry. More details from the Ritrovato site.

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