Broncho Billy silent film festival

The 14th annual Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival takes place at the Niles Edison Theater, 37417 Niles Boulevard, Fremont, California, 24-26 June. The festival schedule has been published, with highlights including Mack Sennett Studios, serial heroines Helen Holmes and Helen Gibson, and the ubiquitous Baby Peggy.

Here’s the outline programme:

FRIDAY Evening, June 24

6:30 to 7:30 PM Meet and Greet
Come and meet our guests and friends and have a light snack before our first show

8:00 PM Evening Main Program
Introduced by Robert S. Birchard
Manhandled – Gloria Swanson (1924)
The Golf Nut – short: Billy Bevan, Vernon Dent (1927)
When a Man’s a Prince – Ben Turpin, Madeline Hurlock (1926)
Bruce Loeb at the piano

Tours of Niles will be available in late morning (optional) – getting you back in time for the afternoon show.

SATURDAY Early Afternoon, June 25
12:30 PM Film Program – Focus on Mack Sennett Studios
Hosts Brent Walker, author of Mack’s Fun Factory and Richard Roberts, comedy film historian
Comrades – Mack Sennett (1911 Biograph)
The Water Nymph – Mabel Normand (1912 Keystone)
Shot in the Excitement – Al St. John, Alice Howell (1914 Keystone)
The Home Breakers – Mack Swain, Chester Conklin (1915 Keystone)
The Waiter’s Ball – Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, Al St. John (1916 Keystone)
Whose Baby? – Gloria Swanson, Bobby Vernon (1917 Keystone)
Phil Carli at the piano

SUNDAY June 26
A Train ride through Niles Canyon will be available mid-morning (optional, at an additional low cost) – getting you back in time for the afternoon show.

SUNDAY Afternoon, June 26
12:30 PM Film Program – Women in Action: The Two Helens
Hosts Shirley Freitas Great Granddaughter of Helen Holmes & Larry Telles, author and silent film serial historian
Webs of Steel – Helen Holmes, director/husband J. P. McGowan (1925, Morris R. Schlank)
Ghost of the Canyon – short: Helen Gibson (1920, Capital)
David Drazin at the piano

SUNDAY Late Afternoon, June 26
3:30 PM Film Program
Introduced by Diana Serra Cary

The Family Secret – Baby Peggy, Gladys Hulette, Edward Earle, Frank Currier. (1924, Universal)
David Drazin at the piano

Ticket details, transport and accommodation information are all on the festival site.