StummFilmMusikTage 2011

Germany’s festival of silent film and music, StummFilmMusikTage, returns once more, but in a somewhat reduced state [nothing to worry about – see comments]. What was previously a three-day event at Erlangen is now three screenings over the one day, 29 January 2011:

Short Film Programme: Charlie Chaplin’s Adventures
The Rink (USA 1916)
Behind the Screen (USA 1916)
A Night in the Show (USA 1915)
Score and accompaniment: Yogo Pausch

Introduction: All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front (USA 1930, 145 min, Dir: Lewis Milestone)
Music: Manfred Knaak; Accompaniment: ensemble KONTRASTE conducted by Christian Schumann

The End of the World (Verdens Undergang) (DK 1916, 74 min, Dir: August Blom)
Music and accompaniment: Interzone Perceptible

As before, the festival will be held in the Markgrafentheater Erlangen, a baroque theatre built in 1719 and still in use. There’s more information as always on the festival site, and they are now open for bookings.

2 responses

  1. Thank you very much for announcing our festival!

    No need to worry, though, about the festival length – each second year is organized as a one-day intermezzo.


  2. Aha – I hadn’t realised. That’s good news, because I know how difficult it is to put on archive film festivals these days. I’ll add a note to the post.

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