Chaplin returns to Waterville

A new comedy film festival has been announced, named after Charlie Chaplin. The Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival is intended to be an annual event held in Waterville, Kerry, Ireland. The first such festival will be 25-29 August 2011. Waterville was a favourite holiday location for the Chaplins, and a statue of Chaplin stands there (one of a number of statues of Chaplin around the world, as documented in an earlier post).

There isn’t much in the way of details about the contents of the festival as yet, but it will feature new films and be competitive (with the awards to be known as ‘charlies’), while its patron is Chaplin’s daughter Josephine. However, one does worry a little about a festival which has trouble spelling Chaplin’s name – until it was changed in the past day or two, the website’s banner was proudly announcing the Charlie Chaplain Comedy Film Festival. Ouch.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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