500,000 Bioscope readers can’t be wrong

Market Theater, New Orleans, 1912, from Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to The Bioscope, the place for news, information, documentation and opinion on the world of early and silent cinema.

With those words, on 4 February 2007, the Bioscope made its modest entry into the blogosphere. 1,047 posts, 1,961 comments and 49,513 deleted spam messages later, and here we are having just paid court to the 500,000th visitor. It’s nice to think that maybe one in 122 of the UK population has visited the site, but there happen to have been quite a number of repeat visitors (hello to you all). Still it’s not too bad to have had half a million visits for a blog on a somewhat obscure theme whose most recent headline post was on the digitisation of a 1903 film catalogue.

While I’m in celebratory mood, here’s a list of some of my favourite articles from the past three-and-a-half years – often because of the comments they have generated, because it is you dear readers who make the Bioscope. Thank you to you all.

Just to round off the statistics, the most successful month ever was March 2010 (18,217 visits). The most visited post by far remains Searching for Albert Kahn, with 13,212 visits (and showing no signs of stopping). Most referrals have come from cablecarguy.blogspot.com (thanks as always, Joe), and the most used search terms are ‘bioscope’, ‘the bioscope’, ‘albert kahn’, ‘kinetoscope’ and ‘louise brooks’. And by rough calculation I reckon there have been some 500,000 words written. One per visit, a gratifying return.