The complete Metropolis

Frame still from the previously lost Metropolis footage, from

The Metropolis bandwagon rolls on. After the premiere of the restored version in Berlin on 12 February, it received its North American premiere at the TCM Classic Film Festival at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood on 25 April, with music provided by the Alloy Orchestra.

And then there’s the new Kino Lorber website dedicated to the film, entitled The Complete Metropolis. Kino Lorber is issuing the restoration on DVD and Blu-Ray in November 2010. To whet your appetite it has issued a trailer which includes sequences showing the ‘lost’ footage. The website itself is a lavish affair, with thorough background information on the rediscovery of the missing sequences and the restoration work, an updated synopsis for the film and list of the missing sequences, a history of the film’s production with timeline, details of cast and crew, photo galleries, video clips from the film (including the discovered scenes), information on screenings, plus news, press releases and reviews.

You can also follow the restoration through its own Twitter account, and sign up to its Facebook page. Complete indeed.

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  1. I live in L.A., and I found out about this screening from your post– after the fact!! D’oh…

    Long time no comment, but I have silently been perusing your blog as always.

    By the way, I directed a short black-and-white silent comedy film called “Kumar’s Day at the Park” with an original score by Femke Weidema. I was going to e-mail you a private link sometime, but I don’t know your e-mail. Thought you might be able to give me a heads-up about any festivals I should apply to with such a film, especially on your side of the pond.


    – The Mysterious Ad) B(e;ta[m.a.x.

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