There’s no business like show business

The programme from the 2009 StummFilmMusikTage (the German festival of silent film and music) has been announced. The theme for this year’s festival, which takes place on 24 January (apparently just the one day – it was a three-day festival last year) at Erlangen, is There’s no Business Like Showbusiness:

16 Uhr / 4 pm
Filmens Helte (Pat und Patachon, die Filmhelden / Film Heroes)
Dänemark/Denmark 1928, 68 min
Regie/Director: Lau Lauritzen, Sr.
mit/with: Carl Schenstrøm, Harald Madsen, Holger Reenberg, Eli Lehmann
Musik und Ausführung: Miller the Killer con Conny Corretto

18 Uhr / 6 pm
Lesung: Der ewige Tramp /Reading: The Eternal Tramp
Eintritt frei / free entrance

19 Uhr / 7 pm
The Circus (Der Zirkus)
USA 1928, 71 min
Regie/Director: Charles Chaplin
mit/with: Charles Chaplin, Merna Kennedy, Al Ernest Garcia
Musik: Charles Chaplin
Ausführung: Ensemble Kontraste
Leitung: Christian Schumann

21 Uhr / 9 pm
When Silence Sings: Der Filmkomponist Aljoscha Zimmermann im Gespräch/ A Conversation with film composer Aljoscha Zimmermann
Eintritt frei / free entrance

22 Uhr / 10 pm
Varieté (Variety)
D 1925, 112 min
Regie/Director: E.A. Dupont
mit/with: Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft, Lya De Putti, Warwick Ward
Musik und Ausführung: Aljoscha und Sabrina Zimmermann

Pre-sale tickets are now available (the organisers advise that if you are considering acquiring tickets from outside Germany, please to write to to check about reserving tickets).