Broncho Billy rides again

The 11th Annual Broncho Billy Festival takes place 27-29 June, at the Niles Edison Theater, Fremont, CA. This year the festival marks the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Motion Picture Patents Company, that monopolistic organisation which sought to control all film production, distribution and exhibition in America, by programming titles from seven of the founder American companies that formed the MPPC: Edison, Selig, Kalem, Vitagraph, Lubin, Biograph and Essanay.

Here’s the programme:

Friday Evening, June 27

6:00 – 7:00 PM “Meet and Greet” at the Fremont Bank Building, 37611 Niles Blvd.
Reception for our historians & special guests “All Film Festival Pass” holders are invited to attend.

7:30 – 8:00 PM Opening remarks, Hubbard Award, Acknowledgements
8:00 – 10:00 PM Main Program – Films from EDISON
The Salt of the Earth – Russell Simpson, William Wadsworth (1917)
The Great Train Robbery – G.M. Anderson, Justus D. Barnes, Walter Cameron (1903)
The Passer-By – Marc MacDermott (1912)
The Simp and the Sophomores – Raymond McKee, Oliver Hardy (1915)
Bruce Loeb at the piano

Saturday Early Afternoon, June 28

12:30 – 2:30 PM Films from SELIG
Little Lost Sister – Bessie Eyton, Vivian Reed, George Fawcett (1917)
A Tale of the Sea – Hobart Bosworth, Tom Santschi (1910)
Captain Brand’s Wife – Sydney Ayers, Tom Santschi (1911)
Legal Advice – Tom Mix, Victoria Forde (1916)
Philip Carli at the piano

Saturday Afternoon, June 28

3:30 – 5:30 PM Films from KALEM
A Flyer in Flapjacks – Ham and Bud (1917)
Girl From Frisco (Episode 1): The Fighting Heiress – Marin Sais, True Boardman (1916)
The Fatal Opal – Paul Hurst, Marin Sais (1914)
The Vampire – Harry Millarde, Marguerite Courtot, Alice Hollister (1913)
David Drazin at the piano

Saturday Evening, June 28

7:30 PM – 10:00 PM Films from VITAGRAPH
Playing Dead – Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew (1915)
A Tintype Romance – Florence Turner, Leo Delaney (1910)
Omens of the Mesa – Robert Thornby, Anne Schaefer (1912)
The Egyptian Mummy – Constance Talmadge, Billy Quirk (1914)
Dunces and Dangers – Larry Semon (1918)
Jon Mirsalis at the piano

Sunday Morning, June 29

A Niles Canyon Railroad Adventure:
Ride the historic Niles Canyon Railway, See Niles Canyon
as it looked in 1913. Ride the rails with fellow film fans.

Sunday Afternoon, June 29

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Films from LUBIN
A Man’s Making – Richard Buhler, Rosetta Brice (1915)
Beloved Adventurer Episode 8: A Partner in Providence – Arthur V. Johnson (1914)
Until We Three Meet Again – Harry Myers (1913)
Judy Rosenberg at the piano

Sunday Late Afternoon, June 29

4:00 – 6:00 PM Films from BIOGRAPH
Their First Divorce Case – Mack Sennett, Fred Mace (1911)
The Lonedale Operator – Blanche Sweet (1911)
A Dash Through The Clouds – Mabel Normand (1912)
An Unseen Enemy – Lillian and Dorothy Gish (1912)
Judith of Bethulia – Henry B. Walthall, Blanche Sweet (1914)
Philip Carli at the piano

Sunday Evening, June 29

7:30 – 9:30 PM Films from ESSANAY
The Madman – Francis X. Bushman (1911)
Broncho Billy’s Christmas Dinner – G.M. Anderson, Edna Fisher (1911)
Alkali Bests Broncho Billy – Augustus Carney, G.M. Anderson (1911)
The Shotgun Ranchman – Authur Mackley (1912)
Sophie’s Hero – Margaret Joslin, Augustus Carney (1913)
The New Church Organ – Francis X. Bushman, Beverly Bayne (1912)
Broncho Billy and the Claim Jumpers – G.M. Anderson (1915)
Versus Sledge Hammers – Ben Turpin, Victor Potel (1915)
Frederick Hodges at the piano

Full details as always from the festival website.