Women and Silent Britain

Alma Reville

Alma Reville

The 11th British Silent Cinema Festival, Rats, Ruffians and Radicals: The Globalisation of Crime and the Silent British Film (3-6 April 2008), is hosting a special panel session on Women and Silent British Cinema.

This panel will be separate from the main festival theme and will introduce and report on the activities of two projects: the international Women Film Pioneers project and the recently- formed Women’s Film History UK. The panel will also present research being undertaken on women and silent Britain and the organisers are currently seeking proposals for twenty-minute papers on any aspect of women working within the British film industry during the silent era.

Topics can range from studies of individuals to practical research- related issues, and they would particularly welcome presentations that offer some reflection on the issues, questions and problems of researching women’s film history.

Those interested should email a 200-300 word outline proposal to Clare Watson and Nathalie Morris (University of East Anglia) at womenandsilentbritain@hotmail.com, no later than 31 January 2008.

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