The Irish Times

Latest among historic newspaper collections to be made available online is The Irish Times. Its Digital Archive contains all issues from 1859 onwards, with a Text archive for material from the complementary site from 1996 onwards.

Searching is free, and gives you tantalising glimpses of the headlines for the terms requested. Accessing the full newspaper is available at a variety of subscription rates, starting at 10 Euros for twenty-four hours. There is plenty there for the study of early film. ‘Kinetoscope’ brings up thirty records, the earliest 14 May 1895. ‘Bioscope’ brings up 2,797, ‘Kinemacolor’ fifty-six, ‘Charlie Chaplin’ 2,103, ‘Kinematograph’ 155, ‘Douglas Fairbanks’ 938, and ‘Electric Theatre’ 227. Searching is by keyword, with the usual option to search for a phrase by enclosing it in inverted commas. It’s also possible to browse by date. All in all an excellent resource which is bound to open up the study of early film production and exhibition in Ireland.

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