Women and the Silent Screen V

The year wanes, darkness falls earlier, 2008 diaries are in the shops, and academics are looking to a new year and coming up with conferences. And so we have first news of the Fifth International Women and the Silent Screen Conference, to be held at Stockholm University, Sweden, 11–13 June 2008. Previously held at Utrecht, Santa Cruz, Montreal and Guadalajara, the conference promises a combination of archival screenings, keynote addresses and scholarly panels, on the theme of women and cinema during the first four decades of film history; that is, women as directors, screenwriters, producers, actors and filmgoers.

There’s a call for papers, which asks for abstracts of 200–300 words, together with a paper title and a two-line biographical statement, to be submitted by 15 December 2007, to wss@mail.film.su.se. More details (in English as well as Swedish) on the conference website.

2 responses

  1. I am glad that you are going to conference about women but do not say anything unflattering about our women. The best thing would be not to discuss Muslim women because west only presents them in improper light. We understand ourselves and you should not try to meddle with our identities and history. This is the advice of a friend. We are fed up of western intervention in the third world. Otherwise, be happy with yourselves and leave us alone. Only we can understand ourselves. Thank you very much!

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