Videos with Bibi

Just come across Videos with Bibi, a vlog which brings together online videos from YouTube and Google Video and categorises them by genre and period. It’s all stuff shamelessly ripped from legitimate sources, inevitably (it advertises itself as “a daily dose of free entertainment”), but for those who just don’t care, there’s an extensive silent video section.

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  1. Thanks for the link, but I don’t consider myself to be shameless. In fact, I usually place links to the sources for the videos. I try to find good films and format them in a way that make them easier to watch. You make it seem like there is something wrong in what I do, but I don’t think there is. carry most of those films with higher quality for those that are so inclined.

  2. Hi Bibi,

    I think I expressed myself a bit too brutally there. I didn’t mean that you were shameless, but rather those who have uploaded films from television broadcasts and commercial recordings onto YouTube and Google Video often are (and there’s more and more on which is not in the public domain as claimed, alas). Naming your sources is good practice, of course, but that doesn’t make the sources themselves any the less questionable. Not that I’m any better – I get on my high horse over use of video content on the net, yet I copy images all over the place, on the assumption that no harm is done and it’s only what can be found on the sites I’m linking to in any case. The fact that something is easily got does not necessarily legitimise getting hold of it, and the net is rife with moving (and still) image content reproduced in defiance of (or ignorance) of copyright.

    All that said, I like your site, particularly its categorisation and its enthusiasm. Keep up the good work. It’s marvellous that we can see all this stuff and share in it. I just have these twinges of conscience…


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