Pordenone Collegium


An invitation has been published for students to attend the Collegium at this year’s silent film festival at Pordenone, Italy, which takes place 6-13 October. There are twelve spaces available, an applicants should notmally be aged under 30 and pursuing education in cinema in one form or other. The aim of the Collegium is the engage the students in a programme of activity that takes full advantage of the expertise of archivists, musicians and film historians on hand at the world’s premiere silent film festival . Those attending are given free hotel accommodation and breakfast during the week, but are responsible for their own travel arrangements, meals, and all other expenses.

There are further details on the festival website. The deadline for applications is 27 May. Papers from previous Collegiums (Collegia?) can be found on the Film Intelligence site (talking of which, it’s high time that site got updated).

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