More silent film blogs

An update on some of the silent film blogs out there. Not a great many.

Cartoons on Films ( (mostly silent animation)

The Crowd Roars ( (“from the earliest silents to the dawn of television”)

Edna’s Place ( (Edna Purviance, Chaplin and other subjects)

Every Little Breeze ( (Louise Brooks et al)

Ferdinand von Galizien ( (silent film reviews, warmly recommended)

Louise Brooks ( (anything and everything on the 1920s screen icon)

Silent Films Fans’ Journal ( (what it says on the film can)

And one for screen entertainments of an earlier age:

The Magic Lantern Show (

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  1. Hi first to flyczba – I like your blog very much (seen that Word Press layout somewhere before…) with plenty to explore and to think about. I also like the extra links on the side menu – must work at doing something similar. Certainly I’ve been planning to do a post on silent film discussion lists. I’ll do a revised post on silent blogs when I’ve culled together a few more, and put yours in there. And do let me know of any others I might have missed.

    And hi to Anna as well – The Crowd Roars is stylish and has a great title. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the link.

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