Silent film music

Among the joys of experiencing live silent film shows is the music accompaniment. A handful of pianists have established worldwide reputations for their skill in playing (frequently improvised) to the silents, among them Donald Sosin, whose elegant and informative website is at As demonstration of something of the working life of a silent film pianist, here’s a list of shows where he can be seen and heard this year:

  • Mar 18 2pm FIG LEAVES (Howard Hawks) at Museum of Moving Image (part of a fashion series)
  • Apr 14 12pm PETER PAN (Herbert Brenon) at Tarrytown Music Hall
    (2nd silent series there)
  • Apr 15 12pm SPEEDY (Harold Lloyd) at Tarrytown Music Hall
  • Apr 19 7:30pm SON OF THE SHEIK (with Valentino) at Tarrytown Music Hall
  • Apr 27-28 residency at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
  • Workshop with music students, public performance of shorts and THE KID BROTHER (Harold Lloyd)
  • Jun 2 Ithaca Festival films made in Ithaca
  • Jun 3 SUCH IS LIFE and KREUTZER SONATA National Gallery, Wash DC
  • Jun 10 11am STEAMBOAT BILL JR at Coolidge Corner (MA) Theater
  • Jun 12 TBA Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Jun 30-Jul 7 Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna (performed there since 1999)
  • Jul 14/15 San Francisco Silent Film Festival (films TBA)
  • Sep 14/16 Port Townsend (WA) Film Festival
  • Oct 6-13 Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone Italy (since 1993)
  • Oct 17-22 Brooklyn Academy of Music Pordenone at BAM series

More and updated information on his site.

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