Away for a while

The Bioscope is going to be a little on the quiet side for the next couple of weeks, as I am heading off for Australia for a wedding, and don’t expect have much opportunity for blogging while I’m there.

However, to ensure that you are not left staring forlornly at the same post for a fortnight, I have set up some mini-posts (bloglets) which have been programmed to appear automatically at two-day intervals, each featuring an Australian-themed video with a bit of background information.

See you all again soon – and many congratulations of course to Liz and Dave.

4 responses

  1. Have fun, and be prepared for searing heat & westerly winds (January in Sydney was a reason for coming back to England) and torrential rain. In between the 40 degree days, though, it can be OK, but all a bit shriveled by now. Hope you get to poke about the old cinema theatres that still exist — the State theatre (location for the winter Sydney Film Festival in July) and the Capitol in the Haymarket. Not much left of the old Sydney, though.

  2. Thanks for the best wishes and warnings. I’m currently in transit at Singapore. I dearly wish my sister could have chosen another month in which to get married, but I shall be brave (as those who know me will testify, anything above 20 degrees C tends to send me running into shady basements saying I can’t this anymore, I’m emigrating to Iceland).

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