Summer silents

Emile Cohl’s Rien n’est impossible à l’homme (1910), showing at Italy’s Strade del Cinema

Time has been creeping on, as time will, and a number of silent film festivals are imminent without much time to deal with them one by one. Some have also left it terribly late before revealing any information on what they are showing. So here’s a quick round-up on what’s happening silent-wise around the world over the next couple of months:


Strade del Cinema
A festival of silent film and music held at Aosta, Italy. This year’s festival is taking place on 5-12 August 2011 and includes Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei (1913), a retrospective of Keystone Chaplins, I Fauno ((1917), and solid Bioscope favourite jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas and ensemble playing to the animation films of Emile Cohl.

Jornada Brasileira de Cinema Silencioso
The silent film festival held in São Paulo, Brazil starts on 5 August and runs to the 14th, but they still haven’t published any programme information on their website …

Central New York’s annual summer classic and silent movie festival is taking place 12-14 August 2011. There’s a special focus on Janet Gaynor, and among the silent features on offer there’s A Ship Comes In (1928), Geared to Go (1924), North of 36 (1924) and Harold Teen (1928).

Bonner Sommerkino
Germany’s premiere silent film festival is held in Bonn, this year 11-21 August 2011. We mentioned it in our previous post, but just a reminder that it includes The Circle (1924), Les ombres qui passent (1924), Von Morgens bis Mitternachts (1920) and Bolivia’s Wara Wara (1930).


The annual classic film festival held in Hollywood takes place 1-5 September 2011. Among the titles announced so far are East Side, West Side (1927), Raymond Griffith in Hands Up! (1926), Nazimova in the newly-restored Stronger than Death (1920) and Marion Davies in Beauty’s Worth (1922).

Mykkäelokuvafestivaalit (Forssa Silent Film Festival)
Globe-trotting summer silent film followers may prefer cooler climes, in which case there’s the annual silent film festival in Forssa, Finland, held 2-3 September 2011. Highlights include Victor Sjöström’s Ingeborg Holm (1913), Mauritz Stiller’s Herr Arnes pengar (1920), Carl Th. Dreyer’s Prästankan (1920) and Benjamin Christensen’s Häxan (1922).

Australia's Silent Film Festival
This year’s festival will be held in Sydney as a series of events across September-November 2011. Films include The Lodger (1927), Bed and Sofa (1927) and Lucky Star (1929).

Silent and early sound film festival held in Massillon, Ohio, USA. Dates for the next festival are 22-25 September 2011. Promised titles include newly-restored 1920 serial The Phantom Foe, Bebe Daniels in Feel My Pulse (1928), William S. Hart in The White Oak (1921), Lord Jim (1925) and Oliver Thomas in Betty Takes a Hand (1918).