Omar and his Skyhook

Well, the the sun is shining down brightly on Bioscope Towers, and as Easter arrives the editorial team is downing tools for a while and warming itself in the ornamental gardens in the company of friends and family.

During this short break in service, here’s a modern silent for you, made by Douglas Purver in 2009. Produced in a style that makes one think of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland, it demonstrates a kind of magical filmmaking that an audience back in 1911 would recognise, could we but send the film back 100 years. That makes it something of a rarity among modern silents, most of which would doubtless baffle the audiences of those times. Just a shame about the unnecessary faux scratches. Films weren’t like that in 1911; at least, not when they started out.

So, enjoy, and we’ll return in a few days’ time.

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