Pordenone diary 2010 – complete

Scenes from the Pordenone silent film festival – clockwise from top left: Kevin Brownlow accepting an award, audience in the Verdi, festival director David Robinson, Pordenone street, festival goers outside the Verdi, theatre seating

The Bioscope has now published its daily diary for all eight days of the 2010 Giornate del Cinema Muto (Pordenone Silent Film Festival). For convenience’s sake, here are the links to each day with the main films covered in each report. The major themes of the festival were Japanese films from the Shochiku studio, three Soviet careers (Abram Room, Lev Push and Mikhail Kalatozov) and French clowns (1907-1914).

Day one (2 October)
Introduction to the festival, Japanese Girls at the Harbour

Day two (3 October)
Seven Seas, Rituaes e festas Bororo, Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Glück, Striking a New Note, Drifters, Battleship Potemkin

Day three (4 October)
Love Be With Humanity, French Clowns (Boireau), The Nail in the Boot, The Masks of Mer, Le Miracle des Loups

Day four (5 October)
French Clowns (Boireau), Salt for Svanetia, Ginga, A Thief Catcher, Upstream, Chess Fever

Day five (6 October)
Bed and Sofa, Madagascan films of 1898, Corrick Collection, No Rastro do Eldorado, Marizza, Rien Que Les Heures, La Folie des Vaillants

Day six (7 October)
Blind Justice, Shingun, Death Bay, The Great Art of Light and Shadow

Day seven (8 October)
Why Do You Cry Youngsters?, Giuli, Corrick Collection, Die Waffen der Jugend, Robin Hood

Day eight (9 October)
Young Master at University, Moana, A Hero of Tokyo, French Clowns, The Ghost that Never Returns, Wings, final thoughts

Interested in the Bioscope’s reports on the Pordenone silent film festival for 2007-2009? Links to these can be found on the Series page (under Pordenone).

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