Pigeon: Impossible

The Bioscope scribes are currently toiling away at a long post which is taking ages to research (regulars may not realise that every post is first written out in long-hand with quills pens wielded by white-haired amanuenses working to the roughest of outline sketches, who then hand the parchment to a team of owl-eyed fact-checkers who lurk deep within the bowels of Bioscope Towers, seldom seeing the light of day. Only then is the hallowed text handed to yours truly, who heartlessly ignores most of it and instead types down whatever comes into his head).

While we wait, and while I head off to a conference and other such business for a couple of days, here’s a modern silent to entertain you, recommended by Bioscope regular Frederica. But is it a modern silent, or is it closer to a Tom and Jerry cartoon? Or should we look upon Tom and Jerry cartoons as model examples of silent filmmaking (Spike the dog aside)? You decide – or just enjoy a particularly ingenious and rib-tickling piece of modern animation.

3 responses

  1. Excellent….. my favourite amongst the more recent short silentish animations is Presto, equally silent, but not, unfortunately, on youtube; I believe it may be an extra on the Wall-E DVD, as it played support to the film in the cinemas…well worth seeking out.
    It may not be silent at all, but I’m looking forward to the new Sylvain Chomet animated film, to a Tati script, called The Illusionist, about to premiere.

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