Silent movies calendar 2010

2009 is slipping away, 2010 is clamouring to take over, and it’s time once more for the Silent Movies Benefit Calendar, produced each year by Rodney Sauer of noted silent film musicians the Mont Alto Orchestra. The calendar features photographs of silent film stars contributed by fans, and highlights birthdays and marriages of stars. Proceeds from the calendar go towards silent film preservation – the 2009 calendar supported an internship in film preservation through the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

The cost is $15 for the first calendar to a particular address, plus $12 for any additional calendars going to the same address. Shipping is $2.49 for one calendar, $3.09 for two, or $4.95 for three or more. The Monto Alto website has a postage calculator which includes shipping to European countries. Payment is by cheque or credit card through Google Checkout.