Larry goes to the market

A current internet sensation is Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for Even More Beer Video, in which a convenience store security camera picks up the the hapless efforts of man so drunk he cannot stand to get yet more beer for himself. As is the way with these things, the video has not only chalked up millions of views itself, but has inspired a mini-industry of remixes, parodies etc.

Among these is the above gem, Larry Goes to the Market, in which Whit Scott has added titles, scratches and music (from pianist Kevin MacLeod) to turn the video into a rather impressive silent movie pastiche. View, enjoy, and learn what lessons you can from it.

Whit Scott writes about the video at (its title a reference to the Buster Keaton 1933 feature What! No Beer?). Kevin MacLeod provides royalty-free music for download from his Incompetech site, include a variety of silent film music styles (which become quite familiar if you’ve ever gone looking for silent film pastiches on YouTube).

Acknowledgment to NewTeeVee, where I picked up the story of the remixes and which links to other examples.