Broncho Billy rides again


This year Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival takes place 26-28 June, as usual organised by the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum at the Niles Edison Theater, Niles, Fremont CA. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Independent Film Companies on the Rise’, and this is the schedule:

Friday Evening, June 26 – FROM LASKY TO PARAMOUNT

8:00 PM Main Program
The Enemy Sex – Betty Compson, Percy Marmont, Sheldon Lewis (1924)
A Trip Through the Paramount Studio – short: (1927)
When Clubs Were Trumps – Betty Compson, Neal Burns (1916)
The Butcher Boy – Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, Buster Keaton (1917)
Phil Carli at the piano

Saturday Early Afternoon, June 26 – SHORT COMEDIES INTRODUCED BY DIANA SERRA CARY (Baby Peggy)

12:30 PM Comedy Program
Baby Peggy Birthday Newsreel – (2009, Niles-Essanay) Diana Cary and Fans
Cousins of Sherlocko – (1912)
Good Night, Nurse – Neal Burns, Billie Rhodes (1916)
The Kid Reporter – Baby Peggy (1923)
The Ghosts of Hollywood – William MacInnes Narrates (1931)
Drink Hearty – Snub Pollard, Marie Mosquini (1920)
Don’t Weaken – Ford Sterling, Charlie Murray (1920)
Judy Rosenberg at the piano


3:30 PM Program
Faith – Mary Miles Minter, Margaret Shelby (1916)
Photoplay Magazine Screen Supplement – A behind-the-scenes look (1918)
The Capture of Rattlesnake Ike – J. Warren Kerrigan, Pauline Bush, Louise Lester (1911)
Calamity Anne, Guardian – J. Warren Kerrigan, Marshall Neilan, Louise Lester (1912)
Jon Mirsalis at the piano

Saturday Evening, June 27 – THOMAS H. INCE DOUBLE FEATURE

7:30 PM Program
The Crab – Frank Keenan, Thelma Salter (1917)
One a Minute – Douglas MacLean, Victor Potel. (1921)
With short:
A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio – A behind-the-scenes look (1924)
Jon Mirsalis at the piano

Sunday Afternoon, June 28 – THANHOUSER 100th ANNIVERSARY, Introduced by Ned Thanhouser

12:30 PM Program
The Woman in White – Florence La Badie, Richard R. Neill (1917)
With shorts:
The Evidence of the Film – William Garwood, Marie Eline, Florence La Badie (1913)
Just a Shabby Doll – Mignon Anderson, Harry Benham, Helen Badgley (1913)
Phil Carli at the piano

Sunday Late Afternoon, June 28 – MADE IN THE BAY AREA SILENTS

3:30 PM Program
The Call of the Klondike – Gaston Glass, Dorothy Dwan (1926)
With shorts:
A Trip Down Market Street – Days before the earthquake and fire (1906)
Dream Picture – Lance, Mabel and Jimmy Nicholson, Albert Anderson. (1925)
Pop Tuttle, Deteckative – Dan Mason (1922)
Judy Rosenberg at the piano

Sunday Evening, June 28 – FROM IMP TO UNIVERSAL

7:30 PM Program
Foolish Wives – Erich von Stroheim, Mae Busch (1922)
With shorts:
Behind the Screen – Al Christie directs a film at Universal (1915)
Behind the Times – Ethel Grandin (1911)
Lizzie’s Dizzy Career – Eddie Lyons, Victoria Forde, Lee Moran (1915)
Bruce Loeb at the piano

The festival warns that there is very limited seating and purchasing tickets in advance is strongly recommended. Tickets can be purchased locally, online (using PayPal), or by US mail. Futher details, including directions and accomodation details, are on the festival web page.