Granny gets an MRI

Granny gets an MRI

Granny gets an MRI, from

Well, this is a little different. Clay County Medical Center, a 25-bed American hospital, has entered a contest to win a new $800,000 magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI). The competition is by public vote on a website, and CCMC has contributed a silent film spoof, Granny gets an MRI. No, it isn’t very good, but it has oddness on its side. To catch a sight of it, and who knows maybe vote for it, go to and type in ‘granny’ into the search box. It’s currently lying third…

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  1. Well, what do expect from healthcare professionals? They aren’t filmmakers, but they did an entertaning job with what they had to work with (as well as limited time-frame). I’m voting every day at every computer I can find, as I’d like to see this small, rural hospital win something big for the community.

  2. Fair point. Actually, having ‘granny’ played by a man gives the film an unexpected authentic feel, as I’ve many a silent film with similar performances. It’s very enterprising for such a small hospital, and I certainly hope that they win.

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