Lillian Gish Film Festival

Lillian Gish

Doubtless making up a little for having missed out on hosting The Simpson Movie premiere, Springfield, Ohio plays host to The Lillian Gish Film Festival over 5-8 September. Films to be featured include Broken Blossoms, The Wind (with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra), The Night of the Hunter and The Whales of August. There are lectures, a Gish Wine Tasting (!) with Roundtable discussion, and a Gish Sisters Walking Tour. The Gish family came from Springfield: the father, James Leigh Gish, ran a confectionery business there, though they moved away soon after Lillian was born (1896), to Dayton, where Dorothy was born (1898). And then, of course, they experienced a peripatetic life as child stage performers.

More details from the festival site.

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  1. Hey Silent Film Fans. I’ll be doing the live sound for Broken Blossoms at the Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It’s great for Springfield to be able to celebrate their cinematic heritage. I am proud to be a part of these efforts. My score will be an ambient score with modern music compositions. I’ve posted some youtube clips:

    Expect something new from the old!

  2. I like that slogan, and I like what you’re attempting with the soundtrack – that growling electronica when Donald Crisp speaks is particularly striking. Good luck with the show.

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