Pordenone update

More programme information has been published on Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, or the Pordenone Silent Film Festival as it is also known. The festival takes place at Pordenone, Italy, 6-13 October, returning to Pordenone itself after a period of some years in exile at nearby Sacile, and housed in the new Teatro Verdi.

The outline programme was the subject of another post. Now we have more details on some aspects of the programme.

The Griffith Project, now in its eleventh year, moves on iin its chronological survey of D.W. Griffith’s suriviving film output to the years 1921-1924:

  • DREAM STREET (D.W. Griffith, Inc., US 1921)
  • ORPHANS OF THE STORM (D.W. Griffith, Inc., US 1921)
  • ONE EXCITING NIGHT (D.W. Griffith, Inc., US 1922)
  • THE WHITE ROSE (D.W. Griffith, Inc., US 1923)
  • AMERICA (D.W. Griffith, Inc., US 1924)
  • ISN’T LIFE WONDERFUL (D.W. Griffith, Inc., US 1924)

Then there is the Corrick Collection from Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive. This is a collection of early films originally exhibited around the Pacific and Southern Asia by the Corrick family, touring entertainers from New Zealand.

  • [STREET SCENES IN PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA] (Leonard Corrick, Australia, 9 March 1907)
  • THE MAGICAL PRESS (Charles Urban Trading Co., GB 1907)
  • CHASSE AU PAPILLON (Butterfly Catching) (Pathé, FR 1906)
  • FIRE! (Williamson Kinematograph Co., GB 1901)
  • LA POUDRE ANTINEURESTHÉNIQUE (The Anti-Irritability Powder) (Pathé, FR 1909)
  • LA RUCHE MERVEILLEUSE (The Wonderful Bee-Hive) (Pathé, FR 1905)
  • NAVAL ATTACK AT PORTSMOUTH (Charles Urban Trading Co., GB 1907)
  • AN INDIAN’S GRATITUDE (La Gratitude du chef indien) (Pathé, US 1911)
  • MONSIEUR QUI A MANGÉ DU TAUREAU (The Man-Bull Fight) (Gaumont, FR 1907)
  • WHEN THE WIFE’S AWAY (R.W. Paul, GB 1905)
  • CRETINETTI LOTTATORE (Foolshead’s Wrestling) (Itala Film, IT 1909)

Believe me, it’ll be worth travelling any distance to Italy just to see Urban’s NAVAL ATTACK AT PORTSMOUTH, companion piece to the thrillingly dynamic TORPEDO ATTACK ON H.M.S. DREADNOUGHT, which is held in the BFI National Archive.

There will also be a selection of titles from the National Film Preservation Fund’s Treasures III DVD, already trailed on The Bioscope, a René Clair retrospective, and a programme of sponsored films curated by Rick Prelinger, with these titles:

  • ADMIRAL CIGARETTE (Edison Manufacturing Co., US 1897)
  • AN AMERICAN IN THE MAKING (Thanhouser Co., per/for United States Steel Corp., US 1913)
  • UNHOOKING THE HOOKWORM (Coronet Pictures, per/for International Health Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, US 1920)
  • BEHIND THE SCENES AT HUTZLER’S (Stark Films, per/for Hutzler’s, US 1938)
  • MASTER HANDS (Jam Handy Organization, per/for Chevrolet Motor Company, US 1936)

That’s how it was with silent films – it wan’t just the glamour, you had people trying to deal with hookworm too.

So, all this and much much more. Full programme details here.