All of the links on the right-hand side of this site now come with brief descriptions when you hover your mouse over the link. I hope this will help people explore further the world of early and silent film. I’m always interested to hear of good websites and online research resources, if you know of any.

3 responses

  1. Hi

    At first I want to say that this site is great, I often read it. Thank you for the link to Recanto Silente, but my blog is written in Galician, no Spanish ;)

    Saúdos, good idea to add descriptions to links.

  2. Your site is so monolingual too XD

    Galician is a language that can understand a Portuguese-speaking perfectly (in the past both were the same language and now they are very similar), Spanish and other latin languages speakers with a little of atention (like Italian, at least, I understand Italian writing but I never learnt it). For English-speaking people… I can read in English but I can’t write complex texts, I have a poor grammar. Probably I have made several mistakes in these simple five lines, if I write an article…
    If I can’t write with a minimum of correction I musn’t write.

    Perhaps, in future (if I practice more), I will write in English too, like another Galician silent, Herr Graff Ferdinand von Galitzien.


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