The Bioscope


More on the word Bioscope.

The Bioscope was a British film trade journal, published weekly between September 1908 and May 1932. It provided news on the activities of the British film production, distribution and exhibition busineses, ‘reviewed’ new films (for the early years these are little more than plot descriptions supplied by film companies), reported on exhibition around the country, and published practical articles and interviews. Thanks to the complete run held at the British Film Institute library, The Bioscope has given huge impetus to the study of silent British film, being cited in countless books and articles, most notably in Rachael Low’s The History of the British Film series. Also published under the Bioscope name were the Bioscope Annual and Trades Directory (from 1910 onwards) and individual guides such as The Modern Bioscope Operator (1910). It was originally published by Ganes Ltd.

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